The Need for Speed

Fast and Furious, but tourism.

Speed dating, a form of dating that depends on first impressions and snap judgements. Now imagine that, but with tourism. 

For our time in London, we were granted a singular day and I can tell you with confidence that one day is definitely not enough to see even a sliver of a city. Our required destinations included Liberty and London, Harrod’s and the Alexander McQueen exhibit, then after those three, we were to be left to our own devices. My group and I only managed to get through the required destinations. We spent a lot of time (maybe even too much) in the exhibition and in Liberty and London. While I don’t regret my time in both places, since I considered my time well spent in both destinations, I was disappointed I wasn’t able to see other things I’d planned to see like the London Eye. 

So all in all, don’t try rushing the experience in any city you go to and give yourself enough time to comfortably explore. 

Liberty of London is a Godsend to anybody who has an interest in anything. A panacea for weary, curious souls, you can find just about anything you want in the department store called Liberty of London; and the store just happened to be one of the group’s required destinations. 

The exterior of Liberty of London

From shelves of scented candles ascending to the ceiling to bolts of wild tapestry transporting you to an untamed sliver of Earth, Liberty of London was truly a sight for sore eyes and a joy for sore souls. I smelled every candle that was worth smelling (until I smelled my nose raw) and I peered at every rug, sculpture and deco on display. Even just absorbing all the inspired interior decorations and apparel, one would feel content. So because of the fabulous furniture and aromatic perfumes, I ended up staying at Liberty of London for longer than what should’ve been appropriate.

Cabbage shaped dishes? Yes please!

Completely my own fault, but who could resist an ensemble of sculpted monkeys or an array of waxed scented perfection? Exactly. 

So to all prospective visitors of Liberty of London: 

  • definitely make a stop at this magical department store. 
  • And definitely stay in the store for more than what is considered socially acceptable!

Moving in from Liberty of London, my next stop was the Alexander McQueen exhibit. Located on the third floor of a McQueen store, the exhibition was beyond my expectations. Of course with McQueen, you can always expect to have your expectations surpassed, but as a designer, there was only one word to describe the experience: transcendental

Immersing myself into the exhibition, I transcended time and space, and was given the opportunity to peer into the mind of a genius. Like a bloated sea after a heavy storm, I was bursting with inspiration, with an energy to create. Sure, I held no delusions of reaching as high a pedestal, but I was granted sight. 

People say you should shoot for the moon so you may land among the stars. And in a sense, McQueen gave me a vision of the moon and one day, I hope to land among the stars.