Louvre-ing Art

When you love art just that much.

Imagine a statue that made your heart stutter, either from the extent of realism or from sheer magnitude. Then imagine a room filled with that statue. This was what I felt upon laying eyes on the Louvre’s ‘sculpture garden’.

As an artist, my blood raced at the thought of so much inspiration surrounding me, enveloping me in a cacophony of genius conjurings bordering the mystical. There were sculpted fabrics , casted lovers and molded beasts of legends. I was in inspirational heaven!

For anyone who dabbles in Fine arts or simply has an interest in becoming a more well rounded cultured individual, the Louvre is definitely a place worth seeing. Besides the Mona Lisa (which is incredibly small in actuality!) there are other less mainstream artists and those are the ones I personally think are worth looking at. Through this museum, I found a new seed of interest in museums as I never found museums appealing before hand (ironic really since my interests lie in the arts). Because as an artist, I prefer delving into art, being elbows deep in paint rather than spend a day mulling over color choice and composition. However, being in the Louvre shifted my perspective just enough to allow me to appreciate fine arts in a more open light. 

Maybe the change was because of the romantic and light atmosphere of Paris, or maybe it was something in the water (European water tastes terrible if you are used to filtered or purified water), but the Louvre nudged a gear in the mechanism that is my mind and I feel like a more open minded artist for it. So in fewer words: visit the Louvre if you ever get the chance to!

Another place we visited, but on a different day, was the large flea market In Paris that had both affordable and more luxurious items. The wares ranged from milk bottles to Impressionist paintings. Anything you imagined could be bought at the flea market at fair prices.

From a small hole in the wall stall inside one of the compartments, I purchased a beautiful delicate looking necklace with arabesque inspirations. Plated in gold, the jewelry piece caught my eye from afar. But the best part of purchasing the necklace was the haggling. In a market like the one I went to, haggling is common place and even expected. If you see something, then haggle, because the worst thing that could happen is you walk away and find something better. 

One negative thing I would like to point out  about this market is the neighborhood. Near the last stop on the 10 train, the neighborhood is at best spotty and I would recommend keeping your valuabls close to you at all times and if possible, use cash when buying at the market so that there’s no chances of compromising your card. 

Odéon subway station

In summation, the Louvre and the flea market is definitely worth checking out, but remember to stay vigilante with your belongings and remember to enjoy your time with an open mind. 


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