The House of Kings

Have you ever dreamed of living like a king? 

The Palace of Versaille is a chance to peer into the glimmering world of a king’s world. 

The study abroad group arrived at the Palace of Versaille in the early mornings and I was stunned by the gilded palace as the structure caught the morning light and glowed. While I never dreamed of living in a place so extravagant, being in the presence of a palace is still awe inspiring. And if Paris street architecture was impressive, the structural design of Versaille was out of this world. Wherever my eyes laid on, I was struck by sculptures and gilded designs crawling up the walls and embracing windows. 

Model of The Palace of Versailles

The inside of the palace was just as impressive, if not more bewitching than the exterior. A museum in itself, the artist in me burst out of my skin and obsessed over every twisted door handle and every looming light fixture. For all those who dabble in fine arts or even those with an appreciation for the arts, the Palace of Versaille is the perfect place to fill yourself to the brim with inspiration and information. Instead of an in-person tour guide, the group opted on a phone -like guide where you typed in the number presented underneath paintings and inside certain rooms. Super convenient. You could walk as slow (or as fast in my case) as you please and admire as you please. 

Every aspect of The Palace of Versailles was opulent, almost overwhelmingly so. But even more satisfying was the restaurant inside the palace called Angelina’s. Although the price point of the restaurant is on the higher end of the spectrum (high medium) the food was a great exemplification of French cuisine. I ordered a sea bass with ratatouille and while the seafood was pretty good, my first taste of ratatouille was phenomenal. Ratatouille is easily one of my most favorite French dishes that I’ve tried as of yet. 

Sea bass and ratatouille galore!

After lunch, my group and I explored the palace’s garden which was surprisingly flat. What I mean by flat is that I could preview the entire gardens with one sweep of my eyes which only supplemented the sheer magnitude of the gardens and the palace grounds. 

The day was a day of glamor and opulence bordering on excessiveness, but for all creative and curious minds The Palace of Versailles is definitely a must see to capture the full beauty of French heritage and history. 


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